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   definit (Adjective)

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definite articleLast post 18 Sep 02, 11:58
Authorization distributor assigns the activity groups for users from his division. Authoriza…2 Replies
definite article?Last post 28 Jun 11, 09:44
We pay €300 as first instalment or We pay €300 as a first instalment. I can't decide wh…2 Replies
definite moodLast post 23 Nov 07, 12:45
"There is some feeling for the enveloping qualiry of light, which gives a more definite mood…1 Replies
definite numbersLast post 07 Feb 09, 18:55
Die Arithmetik beschäftigt sich mit "definite numbers". Sind das eindeutige Zahlen? Reelle…1 Replies
definite vs. definitiveLast post 03 Mar 10, 10:12
Der absolute Bestseller. Satz dient als Überschrift. Übersetzt man dies in diesem Fall al…10 Replies
definite article with "economy"Last post 21 Nov 09, 11:12
Nouns like "nature", "society", "tradition" ... normally don't take a definite article in En…2 Replies
Use of definite articleLast post 15 Dec 14, 17:38
I am not sure about the definite article before Boston Consulting Group in this sentence: Th…3 Replies
definite Article with "history"Last post 31 Oct 13, 20:00
... in the course of (the) American history Is it both correct or is there a preference? T…4 Replies
complete and definite settlementLast post 10 Jul 08, 20:16
Any commission paid before receipt of payment by the customer shall be deemed as an advance …5 Replies
almost definite - quite certainLast post 23 Oct 08, 03:19
Es ist ziemlich sicher, dass er an dem Austausch teilnehmen kann. = It is (almost definite)/…13 Replies

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