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    defy (Verb)

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specific gravity is not just used in medicine but in all sciences6 Replies
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During the Chinese lantern festifal tightrope walkers have been enthralling crowds with deat…1 Replies
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Der 2. Eintrag (Gewichtsstaumauer) ist korrekt. Der 1. Eintrag (Schwergewichts-Staumauer) is…4 Replies
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Yesterday, I was listening to a song with the words "laceration gravity" in it, so here come…2 Replies
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Three months later the data was unblinded. And this produced the second-most odds-defying, e…2 Replies
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http://www.school-for-champions.com/science/gravity_and_gravitation.htm Gravity is a force …1 Replies
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Das spezifische Gewicht ist eine Maßzahl dafür, wie hoch Dichte ein Stoff ist. Es wird in g/…20 Replies
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I don't agree that a convenience store is necessarily open 24 hours; I have lived in several…23 Replies
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http://www.leipzig.ifag.de/mires/iag/des_de_en.txt ABLEITUNG DES SCHWEREFELDES \t d…0 Replies