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What is distinguishing? -> "Identifying aspects of a previous decision that would make inap…3 Replies
Distinguishing between types of "Größe"`?Last post 22 Aug 08, 15:49
"Größe" is rather ambiguous - if I want to explain that I specifically mean the height of a5 Replies
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Here's a little quandry that has never come up for me before. In listing of responses in an …27 Replies
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When using "as" and "since", I often wonder when to use which one. I am referring to phrases…11 Replies
allows distinguishing / allows to distinguishLast post 07 Aug 10, 17:19
Habe gerade ein Grammatikproblem Ich würde sagen: A fluorescence detection allows to distin…3 Replies
but—distinguishing implicature from entailment—does not require it. Last post 15 Dec 07, 18:05
Implicature is a technical term in the linguistic branch of pragmatics coined by Paul Grice.…1 Replies
A well-chosen fragrance can become a distinguishing characteristicLast post 31 Mar 08, 23:26
A well-chosen fragrance can become a distinguishing characteristic. Ein gut gewählter Duft …1 Replies
ein neues Selbstbild in Abgrenzung von ihrer Herkunftsfamilie - a new self-representation distinguishing them from their families of originLast post 21 Jul 14, 20:47
Test über Pflegekinder: Erleben die Kinder in den Pflegefamilien neue Interaktionen zwische…2 Replies
Differenzierungsmerkmal zum Wert «Nachhaltigkeit» und dem Attribut «Zukunftsorientiert» - Distinguishing features: “Sustainability” as a value and “Future Orientated” as an attributeLast post 15 Sep 11, 01:52
Differenzierungsmerkmal zum Wert «Nachhaltigkeit» und dem Attribut «Zukunftsorientiert» Dis…5 Replies
....................... - The effort to satisfy our customers will be our distinguishing principle through providing the best service from selling to projLast post 23 Apr 10, 09:46
Danke, Gruss Marc0 Replies