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diurnal climate - TageszeitenklimaLast post 19 Jan 06, 19:57
http://www.grida.no/climate/ipcc/regional/327.htm (United Nations Environment Program - Glo…0 Replies
daily vs. diurnalLast post 01 Dec 13, 19:27
In a paper I found following sentense: "Assimilate supply affected Rs at timescales from da…13 Replies
diurnal animal - tagaktives TierLast post 25 Aug 05, 15:40
Analogie zum Eintrag "nocturnal" und http://wortschatz.uni-leipzig.de Butterflies are diurna…2 Replies
tabular statement of diurnal tides [naut.] - Tabelle der GezeitenangabenLast post 15 Feb 06, 17:54
Englisch wie deutsch ist diurnal/täglich wegen des Charakters der Tiden überflüssig; insofer…2 Replies
diel - 24-stündigLast post 17 Apr 07, 15:41
z.b. "diel temperature changes", "tidal and diel cycles" Quellen: Thesaurus, Meriam Webster…2 Replies
diurnal movementLast post 02 Aug 07, 14:56
Thus it is possible for your telescope to track a star's movement across the sky in the same…2 Replies
diurnal bird of prey [zool.] - der Greifvogel wiss.: Falconiformes (Ordnung) [Ornithologie]Last post 15 Nov 06, 15:55
http://www.luxnatur.lu/hvnausst.htm http://www.tierundnatur.de/sart-spi.htm http://www.eule…1 Replies
raptor - der GreifvogelLast post 20 Nov 07, 20:03
"bird of prey" would seem to be the usage in day-to-day language.22 Replies
dielLast post 25 Dec 18, 14:56
Diel changes in alpha- and beta-maltose leaves.11 Replies
TagesgangLast post 08 Sep 10, 08:18
http://www.wissen.de/xt/default.do?MENUID=40,156,538&MENUNAME=InfoContainer&OCCURRENCEID=SL06 Replies