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Orthographically similar words

einhüllen, enthüllend, enthülsen

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to show up - aufzeichen, enthüllenLast post 18 Oct 08, 17:22
"I think this could be a significant turning point. I think the economic crisis has shown up…2 Replies
to unveil (product) - enthüllenLast post 09 Feb 07, 14:50
Das Unternehmen enthüllte am Dienstag sein neues Produkt. Can "to unveil" be translated in t…1 Replies
to lift the lid on sth. - etw. enthuellenLast post 17 Sep 09, 05:17
The recent highly-publicised suicides at France Telecom may or may not be statistically unus…1 Replies
to unveil a merger - eine Fusion enthüllen/aufdeckenLast post 19 May 07, 12:46
Market Leader Course Book (Longman Verlag) Unit 13 Ist die Übersetzung glücklich gewählt? D…1 Replies
I can make it happen, so that I can truly expose you for what you really are - Ich kann es geschehen lassen, damit ich dich als das, was du wirklich bist, wahrhaftig enthüllen kannLast post 22 Oct 10, 17:56
Ja, würdet ihr das auch so übersetzen? Danke!2 Replies
decloakLast post 22 Mar 08, 23:36
Kismet is probably the easiest way to decloak the SSID.6 Replies
by the white light of truthLast post 20 Sep 07, 21:54
He looked upon his great work as a whole, and he knew that the "raison d'être of his song" w…3 Replies
unveilingLast post 25 Apr 10, 11:39
at the time of the unveiling, the new car ... Leo sagt "Enthüllung", genauso mein Pons. Abe…6 Replies
unveilLast post 25 May 17, 17:34
In the sense of the (ceremonial) unveiling of a statue or memorial.1 Replies
reveal his nameLast post 10 Aug 09, 13:07
If the ritual is well performed, the messenger should immediately reveal his name telepathic…5 Replies