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Interior, interior

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inferiorLast post 04 Sep 10, 19:03
hello, can anybody please translate this: to think of the person in general rather inferior…53 Replies
inferior retentionLast post 26 Aug 09, 10:04
However, Strand (1970) has presented evidence suggesting that the inferior retention observe…1 Replies
deutlich schlechter - noticeable inferiorLast post 06 Jan 09, 17:36
The agreement is noticeable inferior to comparable activities. Waere das so richtig?1 Replies
postcava - Vena cava inferiorLast post 13 Mar 09, 23:44
http://www.thefreedictionary.com/postcava postcava: receives blood from the lower limb and a…23 Replies
intellectually inferiorLast post 28 Jul 08, 21:52
Hallo, ich bin mir unsicher: Es geht um folgenden Teil meines Satzes: "(...) marrying a man…1 Replies
inferior planet - unterer PlanetLast post 31 Aug 10, 20:17
http://www.heavens-above.com/glossary.aspx?lat=0&lng=0&loc=B&alt=0&tz=CET&term=i2 Replies
X steht Y in nichts nach - X is in no way inferior to YLast post 08 May 11, 18:58
Thanks!! : D2 Replies
auf Luftüberdruck gegenüber angrenzenden, hygienisch untergeordneten Bereichen - at positive air pressure relative to adjoining, hygienically inferior areasLast post 13 Mar 12, 14:18
Es geht um Hygiene- und Reinräume. Gegeben: "Räume können auf Luftüberdruck gegenübe5 Replies
leaving the all image BIG BOYS to clean up with inferior songsLast post 27 Jul 12, 10:32
saw these guys support Mr Big I think, or was it Ratt ??? Cant remember...great album and t…1 Replies
the vertebral spinous process at the intersection of a line connecting the inferior angle of the scapulaeLast post 08 Oct 08, 23:53
To measure scapular protraction, first locate the following landmarks: -.. -the vertebral s…1 Replies