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text indicator - KlartextanzeigeLast post 27 Mar 12, 11:37
Meine entsprechende Anfrage ergab folgende Reaktionen:…2 Replies
text - der KlartextLast post 15 Feb 07, 13:11
- We recommend that you send your e-mails as plain text rather than as HTML-formatted text. …2 Replies
plain writing - KlarschriftLast post 19 Jun 05, 20:03
plain writing: The act of writing in a plain style plain text: A text that is a) either in a…11 Replies
slug - Klartext-URL-EndungLast post 06 Aug 21, 17:35
Definitionen des Begriffs "slug" in der IT: weiter…2 Replies
Ich muss mit ihm mal Klartext reden - I must talk plain language to himLast post 12 Oct 08, 15:09
oder: I must talk IN plain language to him? oder ganz was anderes?2 Replies
by any means wrong - auf jeden Fall falschLast post 31 Mar 09, 18:34
I think that it is by any means wrong to believe that you might be a better person just beca…20 Replies
plain speakingLast post 03 Dec 08, 13:10
Most Australians prefer plain speaking to beating around the bush beating around the bush =…13 Replies
in the clearLast post 26 Mar 08, 16:52
SSH is a replacement for nonsecure Telnet and FTP, as well as X11 and Berkeley r-commands (r…1 Replies
to spare o's wordsLast post 18 Feb 10, 11:35
Pope Benedict did not spare his words in addressing his Irish bishops. He said that child ab…1 Replies
flat text (comp.)Last post 09 Jul 21, 07:08
Gemein ist unstrukturierter Text, im Gegensatz zu bspw. XML"flacher Text" geistert mir im Ko…13 Replies

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