Possible base forms for "motions"

    motion (Verb) 

Orthographically similar words

emotion, motion Emotion

Forum discussions containing the search term

selling motionsLast post 21 Nov 09, 12:20
Many retailers today go to market through many selling motions, including stores, catalogues…2 Replies
written motionsLast post 02 Jul 09, 15:11
No written motions could be filed yet, no hearings could be asked for. Es geht um einen Mor…3 Replies
go through motionsLast post 10 May 07, 14:13
Es geht um Kaffernbüffel. Die Stelle lautet: Howeber, cows normally stop lactating during t…5 Replies
cross-motions [law]Last post 23 Jun 10, 22:58
before the court are "cross-motions" for summary judgment dem Gericht liegen ???????? zum b…3 Replies
Theory of MotionsLast post 29 Mar 15, 12:44
In welchem Zusammenhang würde man dies deuten .. ohne weitere Hinweise? Danke3 Replies
going through the motionsLast post 06 Aug 07, 14:46
Diefendorff, Croyle & Gosserand (2005): ...it was anticipated that conscientious individuals…3 Replies
going through the motionsLast post 12 Jan 21, 23:59
I usually find myself just going through the motions Ich habe diesen Satz in einem Fragebog…16 Replies
to go through the motionsLast post 16 Jul 08, 11:15
... she forced herself to do more than just go through the motions4 Replies
\tslow motions pl.\t \t - die Zeitlupen Pl.Last post 29 Nov 06, 19:07
'Zeitlupen' wird deutsch wenig gebraucht, 'slow motions' sind langsame Bewegungen. slow moti…0 Replies
we think of those motions as originating with the end resultLast post 10 Jun 09, 09:05
If we reach out to grab sth. (...), we think of those motions as originating with the end re…1 Replies

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