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regnant prägnant

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expecting, preggers, gravid, significative, preggo


Der Apostroph bei Zeitangaben
Der Apostroph wird bei Zeitangaben verwendet: • beim Ausdruck o’clock, mit dem die Uhrzeit wiedergegeben wird • als -’s bei Angaben zum Zeitpunkt wie today, yesterday, last week, M…

Forum discussions containing the search term

pregnant dogLast post 28 Feb 06, 15:34
I knew Helen was a pregnant dog I’d know it from the first moment I had set eyes on her, I jus3 Replies
pregnant silenceLast post 27 Sep 10, 21:12
...her words trailed away into pregnant silence. Was ist "pregnant silence". Ich verstehe d…13 Replies
pregnant pauseLast post 16 Mar 12, 03:04
When a comedian or actor, etc., purposely pauses for timing/effect. Sort of a "loaded pause…14 Replies
prägnant (DE) / prégnant (FR) / pregnant (EN) - etymologyLast post 14 Mar 15, 14:39
In English, pregnant means schwanger, which is very different from the meaning of prägnant. …11 Replies
barefoot and pregnantLast post 12 Feb 09, 11:35
"Marriage is not a trap," he said. "You make it sound like I want her barefoot and pregnant.…4 Replies
post-pregnant strophyLast post 14 Aug 06, 14:11
Ultrasonic treatment is suitable for breast prolapsus, level breast, hypoplasia and post-pre…8 Replies
hochschwanger - heavily pregnantLast post 27 Jan 09, 19:25
Katie Price war hochschwanger, als sie sich nackt ablichten ließ. -18 Replies
preggy - schwangerLast post 30 Jan 07, 12:59
I'm not preggy. "Preggy" ist der Slang von "pregnant", gleich "schwanger". Im letzten Urlau…1 Replies
trying to get pregnantLast post 31 Mar 09, 16:33
They've been trying to get pregnant for months now, but haven't had any luck so far. Sagt m…6 Replies
"a little bit pregnant"Last post 16 Dec 09, 16:35 - Did you tell ASOK to g…30 Replies

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