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portrayal, depiction, embodiment

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inversely proportional - verkehrt proportionalLast post 02 Aug 17, 10:32
It just seems that this entry needs some tags. Google finds only 677 hits: http://www.google…4 Replies
proportionately - proportionalLast post 21 Oct 12, 13:00
No need for the regular English adverb but the pairing with the base adjective is missing.3 Replies
inversely proportional - umgekehrt proportional - seltenLast post 11 Aug 19, 15:37
Mir geht es um das "selten", das ich bezweifle. Im Gegenteil, mir scheint das der gebräuchl…3 Replies
proportionalLast post 12 Dec 10, 15:27
Hallo zusammen, ich habe mal nach der Bedeutung des Wortes "proportional" gefragt, in dem f…10 Replies
proportional?Last post 30 May 10, 10:24
Hallo zusammen, Könntet ihr mir mal erklären, was das Wort "Propostiobal" im Folgenden bede…9 Replies
expensive representation - einprägsame DarstellungLast post 14 Jul 05, 19:30
Confusion about "expensive" and "expansive"...? In LEO it is marked as "tech." I don't thin…0 Replies
quotal - proportionalLast post 20 Mar 08, 13:12
The actual bit I am translating: "Dieser Gewinn ist quotal auf die Gesellschafter zu verteil…3 Replies
inversely proportional; in inverse proportion - antiproportional; umgekehrt proportionalLast post 20 Oct 12, 18:23
Wolfram MathWorld: Inversely Proportional Two quantities y and x are said to be inversely pr…0 Replies
unterproportional - under proportionalLast post 19 Aug 05, 11:12
unterproportionaler zuwachs1 Replies
equal proportionalLast post 18 Jun 09, 21:31
All the measures are defined relative to the mean, so that they are unaffected by equal prop…1 Replies