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(standard) taper joint - der NormschliffLast post 20 Oct 09, 17:59
LEO: ground taper joint [tech.] --- der Konusschliff standard ground joint [tech.] --- der N…4 Replies
to taper - ausschleichenLast post 12 Jun 06, 00:28,page=3311708…1 Replies
taperLast post 16 Nov 06, 13:31
The subject must not be undergoing acute steroid therapy or taper.2 Replies
taperLast post 08 Apr 08, 13:29
She lit the gas with a taper. taper = a long thin piece of wood, paper, etc. that is used f…4 Replies
tapered gut leadersLast post 15 Jul 09, 15:59
this expression occurred in the short story "Indian Camp" by Ernest Hemingway. "Doing a Caes…7 Replies
taper reliefLast post 29 Apr 08, 15:50
Capital Gains Tax3 Replies
to taper/ pre- ans post-taperLast post 26 Apr 08, 18:41
"Cogitive-behavioural, pharmacological and psychosocial predictors of outcome during taper di1 Replies
Tapering of a log / taper [wood technology]Last post 05 May 09, 15:51
Grain deviation can be due to spiral grain, pronounced tapering of the stem, crook and sawin…1 Replies
Start with a contoured silhouette with tapered neckline stylishly over the collar and mid length sideburns to raiseLast post 17 Feb 09, 17:40
Suche eine Übersetzung! Ist eine Anleitung für einen Haarschnitt. Vielen Dank!!1 Replies
plus taperingLast post 01 Dec 08, 19:49
The medication is given intravenously or orally for 3-5 days plus tapering Die Medikation e…4 Replies

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