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fidget, midget

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gadget Mätzchen

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widgetLast post 08 Jun 06, 12:04
The apparent freedom of companies to redefine their missions as making money than making wid…1 Replies
widgetLast post 24 Jul 07, 00:33
Ein "plastic gadget", das sich in manchen Bierdosen (z.B. Guiness Stout) befindet und beim Ö…3 Replies
widget - "widget" is a contraction of "window" and "gadget": invisible gadget and display which work together and act as an extension to computer screens, leaving it free for information [comp.] - das Trickfenster - graphisches InteraktionsobjektLast post 29 Jun 08, 03:25
Ich glaube, das ist der unsinnigste Eintrag, den ich je gesehen habe. Selbst die Erlaeuterun…9 Replies
widget / wodgetLast post 22 Aug 06, 13:06
"The inventor of the widget has no ability to stop the inventor of a wodget from learning fr…1 Replies
Widget TweakerLast post 15 Apr 08, 21:45
Resource contention. Suppose I have 3 widget-tweakers available. If all 3 are busy with a wi…2 Replies
widget-crankingLast post 11 Jan 17, 17:01
"Many people think the easy “widget-cranking” jobs go away when you become a knowledge worke…2 Replies
widget factoryLast post 04 Apr 13, 11:51
Cypriot labour costs rose 40% between 1995 and 2008, making it a relatively more expensive p…1 Replies
widget (engl.)Last post 12 Mar 08, 08:52
widget - composition of window and gadget translated by Leo as Trickfenster - but what the h…14 Replies
Animated desktop icon widget opens...Last post 21 Dec 10, 23:23
...to show placement into... Hallo noch einmal, handelt es sich um ein "animiertes Desktop…1 Replies
Suchbegriffe auf Mac direkt aus OS X Anwendnug in das Widget kopieren?Last post 13 Jan 10, 22:15
Hallo Leute, ich kriege es leider nicht hier, auf dem Mac Wörter aus den OS X Anwendungen di…0 Replies