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up to date

Definition (British English)

up, date
Macmillan Dictionary

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up, date
Merriam Webster

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up, date
Merriam Webster


up, date
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up to date

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up to date - up to date [engl.]Last post 20 Apr 11, 11:29
up to date [p t det; engl., eigtl. = bis auf den heutigen Tag] (bildungsspr.): zeitgemäß, .1 Replies
Up to dateLast post 27 May 09, 08:10
Hi! Just wondering how would you say, 'I will keep you up to date on the trip to Africa'? T…3 Replies
up-to-date on OR up-to-date about?Last post 27 Apr 09, 09:49
..., which is recommended to those readers who want to keep themselves up-to-date on/about(?…3 Replies
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Managing a portfolio of project investments requires up-to-date visibility into each individ…1 Replies
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I need to bring the account books up-to-date.3 Replies
up-to-date pilots Last post 13 Jan 10, 10:53
voyage planning, navigation, up-to-date pilots and charts as well as storm monitoring and we…3 Replies
Bleiben Sie immer up to date - Stay up to dateLast post 24 Feb 10, 10:16
Es wäre sehr nett, wenn mir jemand sagen würde, aber dieser Übersetzung stimmt!2 Replies
Corporation date / made up dateLast post 18 Mar 13, 09:50
Beide Begriffe ("corporation date" und "made up date") stehen in einer Tabelle mit Informati…2 Replies
Set-up (a date)Last post 23 Oct 08, 01:36
The date was a set-up: I always wanted to introduce him to her. Is this "eine Verkupplung"?5 Replies
keep up-to-date OR keep up to date - auf dem neuesten Stand haltenLast post 04 Jul 19, 23:29
We need to update our ERP system now - in order to integrate new funcionalities, as well as …1 Replies