LEOs Zusatzinformationen: to tip one's hat to so./sth. - den Hut vor jmdm./etw. ziehen


to tip one's hat to so./sth.

Definition (britisch)

tip, hat
Macmillan Dictionary

Definition (amerikanisch)

tip, one's, hat
Merriam Webster

Thesaurus, Synonyme, Antonyme

tip, one's, hat
Merriam Webster


tip, hat
Online Etymology Dictionary

den Hut vor jmdm./etw. ziehen


Hut, vor, ziehen

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to tip one's hatLetzter Beitrag: 05 Sep. 10, 23:55
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Also his hat went off to the many men and women who donate their time and compassionately he…5 Antworten
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The English 'hat' is much more general than the German 'Hut.' What Germans call eine 'Mütze…10 Antworten
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Ain't that nice? I love it. So, is the character in the Artemis Fowl books a reference to an…3 Antworten
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These two phrases simply do not mean the same thing, and listing them as such is misleading.…12 Antworten
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es geht um die Bewerbung um eine offene Stelle: I decided to put my name in the hat. (also,…19 Antworten