LEOs Zusatzinformationen: to be in favor of sth. | to be in favour of sth. - für etw. sein


to be in favor of sth. | to be in favour of sth.

Definition (britisch)

be, in, of, favour
Macmillan Dictionary

Definition (amerikanisch)

be, in, favor, of, favour
Merriam Webster

Thesaurus, Synonyme, Antonyme

be, in, favor, of, favour
Merriam Webster


be, in, favor, of, favour
Online Etymology Dictionary

für etw. sein


für, sein


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When I - accidentally - use the US spelling favor in stead of favour that spelling sometimes…2 Antworten
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Which one is the "older" version of the same word? Did immigrants to America change the orig…5 Antworten
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I was pleased to learn that questions were asked without fear or favour. Bericht über das e…3 Antworten
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After a few misunderstandings, I have figured out for myself that "Do me a favour" is used i…10 Antworten
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I told her that I would favor going on a beach vacation because I just love the beach and su…2 Antworten
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his arm was still immobilized and he favored his wounded leg schonen? massieren?3 Antworten
favour - schonen ?Letzter Beitrag: 11 Jan. 11, 14:26
as in: He favoured his right leg. As I take it, meaning to put less weight on it when hurt.…12 Antworten
to favourLetzter Beitrag: 11 Feb. 21, 12:06
In einem Roman wird ein Mädchen beschrieben, das am Münchmeyer-Syndrom leidet, einer fortsch…8 Antworten

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