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When to use this forum

Use this forum for technical or other questions regarding the forums. Please do not ­

  • submit translation or other language-related questions; these should be asked in the relevant forum sections.
  • start threads in this forum about customs in other countries, travel tips, etc.; these should go in the forum Customs and culture.

How to use this forum

  • Please provide as much information as possible to help other forum users and/or the LEO team understand your problem (you can write in English or German but it's best if you choose the language in which you are most fluent).
  • Please help to keep the number of discussions in this forum on a minimum and do not start a new thread if someone else has already started a thread that deals with your issue.

How to start a new thread  ­

  • Click on the button Start new query to start a new discussion.
  • Compose your thread.