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When to use this forum

Use this forum to ask for the English translation of a word or phrase. Please do not

  • put whole sentences in the field for the English word/phrase. If you're struggling with a whole sentence please choose a key word or phrase and use the context/example field for the sentence.
  • start threads in this forum about customs in other countries, travel tips, etc.; these should go in the forum Customs and culture.
  • use this forum if you are unsure of a translation and need a second opinion; please use the forum Proposed translation correct? for this purpose.

How to use this forum

  • Please bear in mind that the more context you provide, the better other users will be able to help you.

How to start a new thread  ­

  • Click on the button Start new query to start a new thread.
  • Please fill in the relevant fields and include as much context as possible.You may indicate additional information regarding grammar, region, etc. to make your query more precise.
  • If you would like to reference sources it's best to cite the relevant passages from your sources and not only the URL or name of the dictionary, etc.
  • If you would like to make any comments regarding your suggestion, please do so in the Comment field.