Possible base forms for "timar"

   timar (Verb)
   timarse (Verb)

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to experience (sth. for the first time) - catarLast post 26 Aug 20, 19:30
Leo ya tiene : https://dict.leo.org/ingl%C3%A9s-espa%C3%B1ol/experience#section-verb ... Ver…0 Replies
to regift - reciclar un regalo - re-regalarLast post 11 May 20, 13:39
https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/regift ... regift verbre·​gift | \\ (ˌ)rē-ˈgif0 Replies
in the near future - en un futuro próximoLast post 12 Nov 20, 11:23
Leo ya tiene entradas para : https://dict.leo.org/ingl%C3%A9s-espa%C3%B1ol/futurohttps://dic…0 Replies
un-American activities - actividades antiestadounidenses, f / pl -actividades antiamericanas, f / plLast post 11 Nov 20, 13:41
https://www.britannica.com/topic/House-Un-Ame... ... House Un-American Activities Committe…0 Replies
in the far future - in the distant future - en un futuro lejanoLast post 12 Nov 20, 11:25
Leo ya tiene entradas para :Siehe Wörterbuch: futuroSiehe Wörterbuch: future future      el0 Replies
to move slowly, to work half-heartedly, to slack, to kill time, to slow down, advance slowly - roncearLast post 25 Mar 20, 12:37
Some of the English expressions are already in the dictionary : https://dict.leo.org/ingl%C3…0 Replies
fleeting star - nine day wonder - short-lived - flash in the pan [fig.] - flor de un día, f - flor de la maravilla, f [fig.]Last post 29 Jun 20, 13:12
Leo already has entries for https://dict.leo.org/englisch-deutsch/Eintagsfliege fleeting sta…0 Replies
walking pace [traffic] - paso de hombre, m - velocidad de paso, f - velocidad de un hombre al paso, f - velocidad de paso de hombre, fLast post 09 Mar 20, 20:04
Leo alteady has :Siehe Wörterbuch: walking pacewalking pace      die Schrittgeschwindigkeit 0 Replies
hay un problema ético en la raíz de nuestras dificultades filosóficas: los hombres somos muy aficionados a buscar la verdad, pero muy reacios a aceptarla - there is an ethical problem at the root of our philosophical difficulties: men are very fond of seeking the truth, but very reluctant toLast post 25 Mar 20, 21:55
is my translation right?thanks1 Replies

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