Conditions of use

Preliminary remarks

By using our services you automatically agree to our conditions of use as outlined below.

These conditions of use are complemented by our Privacy Policy. This lays down which parts of the services offered by LEO initiate the placing of cookies and their extent as well as explaining the purposes for which personal data is recorded. Should you wish to use some of the services we offer which initiate the placing of personal cookies and/or in which personal data is used, we ask you explicitly for your permission (e.g. it is a necessary prerequisite for contributions to forums and for the use of the trainer and of language courses that we should be able to associate these with your person).

Use of LEO

Use of the services provided by for private and business purposes is free of charge unless explicit reference is made to costs that will be incurred. Such paid content is primarily limited to subject matter pertaining to language learning (language courses). Users are not permitted to make the LEO services available to third parties in return for payment.


Contents of LEO

LEO does not accept liability for the correctness of the translations of the words, terms, idiomatic expressions etc. that are provided.

Contents offered by third parties

Links to contents on third-party websites are provided for the purpose of information only. Cross-references and links from LEO to the websites of third parties do not imply that LEO endorses the content on any websites linked or referred to. LEO cannot be held responsible for the subject matter and content on linked websites. This applies to all links displayed on as well as to all contents of pages accessed via banners and links displayed by LEO and reached via our internet pages. If you are of the opinion that illegal content is contained in any of the web pages linked to, please notify the LEO team.

Points of view and opinions put forward by third parties in our forums do not necessarily reflect the opinion of LEO. These expressions of opinion are exclusively the responsibility of their authors. If you are of the opinion that illegal content has been posted in the forums, you are kindly asked to report this to the LEO team (See also Section 6 Forums.)

All rights arising in conjunction with the software developed for the purposes of this online service, as well as the databases on which it relies, and all other content belong to LEO GmbH unless another author or proprietor is explicitly named. Any exploitation of the software, the data or any other content except in the form in which it is offered and provided at is prohibited. In particular, the automatic retrieval of any kind of content via script or in any other manner is forbidden.

Development of toolbars/plug-ins/applets and the like

The development of toolbars/plug-ins/applets and the like (collectively referred to hereinafter as "tools") for internet browsers that are designed to provide direct access to the contents of LEO is permitted only with the prior consent of LEO. Only tools that have been developed with the approval of LEO may be incorporated into internet browsers to provide access to LEO's services.

Tools can only be approved if they carry LEO's name and present the resulting page in exactly the same form as the page for entering a search word that appears on our website Approval cannot be granted if advertising displayed on LEO is circumvented by "optimised solutions" that obscure/remove the advertising content.

Links to LEO services are permitted. However, we expect these links to lead directly to LEO's dictionaries, and the page presenting the link must not contain any illegal or pornographic content. The link to be used is:

Integrating of a search box in other web sites

LEO consents to the integration of a search box for queries to LEO dictionaries in another web site, on condition that:

  • LEO is named in the search box and it is clearly recognisable that the search box initiates a search in LEO dictionaries,
  • the page presenting the results of a search inquiry is displayed unchanged (possibly in a browser window of its own, but not in a frame of the website providing the link) and, in particular, the advertising shall not be obscured.

Pictures and icons

With a few exceptions, black-and-white icons are from are published under the SIL Open Font License

In order to display images in a higher resolution, we in some cases use  das JQuery Lightbox Plugin von Leandro Vieira Pinho  

Your participation and contributions

New entries for the dictionary

LEO welcomes suggestions for new entries provided they are well researched and backed up by reputable sources and/or context examples. You are also asked to read the detailed instructions about creating new entries, which you will find by clicking the  Notes for Users.

The New Entry forum is intended for individual suggestions only. If you would like to submit a whole list of words, the procedure to be followed is explained in the next section.

Donating word lists

If you wish to give us a more extensive collection of words, we will naturally be very happy to hear from you. Please write a brief e-mail to the LEO team so that we can coordinate the procedure. We can only integrate word lists for which you hold the copyright. By submitting the word list, you declare your agreement to transfer your collection of vocabulary items to LEO and permit LEO to make use of the data worldwide as required either directly or through third parties (online and offline). In particular, you agree that LEO may replicate and distribute it in all possible forms (in print, on data carriers or in other media) and may make it available for public access by third parties.

Reporting mistakes

To correct simple spelling mistakes, typos etc., please make use of the Report a mistake form.

If you have doubts about the quality or accuracy of entries in the dictionary and would like to read the opinions of other users, check whether there has already been a discussion on this topic in the forum and, if not, launch a new discussion in the  ‘Wrong entry?’ forum. (Please also read the Forums section below.)


Content and use of the forums

The forums (links: German-English, German-French, German-Spanish, German-Italian, German-Chinese, German-Russian, German-Portuguese, German-Polish, English-Spanish, English-French, English-Russian, Spanish-Portuguese) are intended to give you the opportunity to ask questions, provide information, make comments and to publish your views on other matters related to the subject of languages and to discuss these with other users. Participation in the forums is subject to the following conditions of use:


Participation in the forums must be preceded by Registration, for which a valid email address must be provided. You may, of course, participate in discussions under a pseudonym (nick/alias). Accordingly, registration requires you to choose a login identity as well as a nick/alias. In principle, you can select the same sequence of characters for your nick as for your login. However, for security reasons you are advised to choose a different sequence of characters for your login to avoid giving third parties an easy way of hacking into your account. You are not permitted to take part in the forums using a number of different nicks and thus to appear in seemingly different identities.

Forum policy

Every user who posts a contribution in our forums agrees irrevocably to the publication of this contribution in the forum concerned. However, the user has no entitlement to force LEO to publish their contributions in a forum.

Contributions must be pertinent, in other words, they must refer to the subject of language. LEO is entitled to erase contributions that are not related to the subject of language. The different sections (sub-forums) are arranged into various topics. Before you use a section for the first time, you are asked to read the notes provided about that section (info link just to the right of the section title). This explains the features of this section and gives instructions about how to start a new thread (discussion). Before initiating a new discussion, you should in any case check whether a corresponding discussion has already been launched on the topic in question by using the forum search. If this is not the case, go to the forum start page (Forum home) and click on the heading of the appropriate section. You can then click the “Start new thread” button to start a new discussion.

Discussions in the forums should be conducted in a courteous and objective manner. Substantive criticism, even if it is quite forceful, is of course permitted. However, defamatory criticism and disparaging personal comments or other remarks that contravene applicable German law are not permitted. Insofar as LEO is aware of forum contributions that contravene German law, LEO reserves the right to inform the public prosecutor accordingly. 

Weitere Informationen zum Umgangston entnehmen Sie bitte auch unserer Netiquette

Explizit nicht erlaubt sind in unseren Foren unter anderem:

  • Werbung (z. B. durch Platzieren von Links), Spam (Anpreisung von Fake Passports etc.), Spickzettel;
  • Kommentare, die gegen geltendes deutsches Recht verstoßen, inklusive das Urheberrecht;
  • die Veröffentlichung privater Daten Dritter;
  • konkrete medizinische Ratschläge/Empfehlungen

If any content in a forum appears to a user to be illegal or dubious, we ask the user to inform us immediately and send an e-mail to the LEO teamIf any content in a forum appears to a user to be illegal or questionable, we ask the user to inform us immediately by sending an email to the LEO team. Please indicate the reason(s) that the contribution is considered to be illegal or at least questionable, so that we can investigate the matter. Please also send us the URL (address of the contribution in question, shown in the browser's address bar), to enable us to locate the contribution.


In principle, contributors to LEO's forums are permitted to include citations from third-party sources, for example to provide evidence in support of a new entry. However, to avoid any breach of copyright laws, such citations must fulfil the following conditions:

  • Das Zitat muss als solches erkennbar sein (z. B. indem es kursiv gesetzt wird).
  • The content of the citation is discussed
    As a rule, citations included in the sections "Wrong entry in LEO?" and "New entry for LEO" are therefore permissible.
    By contrast, a kind of "press review" (collection of press extracts which include citations) or any similar contribution summarising third-party views but devoid of any commentary by the user is not permissible.
  • The citation shall not be longer that the discussion of its content requires.
  • The source must be given and (if possible) a corresponding link provided.

The LEO Team reserves the right - without giving reasons - to shorten or to delete any citation which could breach copyright law. It also retains the right to close the accounts of users who repeatedly breach these rules.


Completion of the registration process establishes a contractual relationship between LEO and the registered user. LEO is entitled to ban any user or to terminate this contract immediately if the user violates the above terms of use or behaves in such an unacceptable manner that LEO cannot reasonably continue the contract. In addition, LEO can also remove any individual contributions which are in contravention of the terms of use set out above.

In the event of a termination or the blocking of a contract, the user concerned is not permitted to register again with LEO using the same or another login and/or nick without obtaining prior written consent from LEO

LEO is entitled, but not obliged, to continue to make use of the contributions posted in a forum by the user in question prior to termination of the contract. Contributions that have been erased may not be re-posted.

Online Courses / General Terms & Conditions 

If you would like to purchase one of our online courses, please take the time to read our General Terms & Conditions .

Legal Validity

Only the German version of our Terms of Usage is legally binding.

Further information is to be found on our Privacy Policy 

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