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sponsor (US immigration)Last post 08 Apr 20, 17:05
I have a student who's been accepted at a US university. He has to sign a form (for the ICE …16 Replies
fund sponsor - Fonds SponsorLast post 16 Aug 12, 07:45
"(...)and made it into one of the world's largest and most respected fund sponsors." Von den…2 Replies
booster - SponsorLast post 01 Feb 09, 10:43
a booster is also an enthusiastic promoter, as of a sports team or school. Quelle: http://w…0 Replies
Credit Swiss SponsorLast post 11 Jun 02, 14:35
Hallo LEO Leute, ist ja super das ihr einen Sponsor an Land gezogen habt. Euer Projekt entw…3 Replies
sponsorLast post 17 Jul 07, 22:03
The Chief Executive is the sponsor of the group's human resources policies. also derjenige,…1 Replies
SponsorLast post 08 May 09, 12:29
In einem diplomatischen Kontext: "The US and Japan are the sponsors of Security Council Reso…3 Replies
executive sponsor vs. operating sponsorLast post 25 Jan 10, 13:46
"...executive sponsor who is both sufficently committed to the system to invest time and eff…3 Replies
founder vs. donor vs. sponsorLast post 17 May 13, 08:47
Hallo! Mich würde mal der Unterschied der drei o.g. Wörter interessieren. Für Stifter (regelmäß1 Replies
Der Sponsor willigt ein - The Sponsor agrees to promoteLast post 22 Jun 16, 23:36
- Der Sponsor willigt ein das Festival auf seinem Facebook Kanal mindestens viermal zu bewer…3 Replies
als neuen Sponsor gewinnen - to gain a new sponsorLast post 26 Jun 12, 18:02
Wir freuen uns sehr, dass mit der der spanischen Firma xyz einen neuen Sponsor gewinnen konn…3 Replies