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General information

The search is case insensitive.  Searching for Kuh yields the same results as searching for kuh Kuhkuh
Umlauts can be typed as two vowels. Searching for Kühe yields the same results as searching for Kuehe kühekuehe
Accents and other diacritic signs need not be typed.Searching for même yields the same results as searching for meme mêmememe
When searching for composed entries, the word order is irrelevant.Searching for Haus groß yields the same results as searching for groß Haus Haus großgroß Haus

Search results

For detailed information on the order of search results, please read the information on this page.

Standard search

Please type your search term(s) in the box marked Look up a word. In most cases you will be able to start typing as soon as the page has loaded without having to click in the search field.

If you are unsure about the spelling of a word, check the search query suggestions .

Wildcard search

If you can only remember a part of a word or if you are unsure about the exact spelling, you can use a wildcard asterisk (*) as a placeholder (e.g. *baum or *arrange*). For technical reasons, you can only place asterisks at the beginning and end of a word.

 Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Mustersuche erst ab drei Zeichen funktioniert. Eine Suche nach ab* liefert also keine Ergebnisse der Mustersuche, eine Suche nach abr* dagegen schon.
Ausnahme: Bei einer Suche nach einem chinesischen Zeichen gilt diese Einschränkung nicht.

Search direction Requires JavaScript JS

If you wish to switch from bidirectional to unidirectional search (e.g. English to German), you can change the search direction by clicking the corresponding arrow (>or<). The arrows will turn grey according to which search direction is disabled.

Special character support Requires JavaScript JS

If you wish to type special characters, umlauts, accents and other diacritics, you need to enable special character support by clicking theS symbol.

If you wish to disable special character support, click disable special character support.

You can (re-)enable the feature at any time by clicking the link enable special character support.

Automatic Focus Requires JavaScript JS

Even if the focus is not on the search box, you can nevertheless immediately start typing. This will automatically activate the search box and delete existing content in the search field .

If you wish to disable this feature (e.g. because this would change the behaviour of certain keys that you need for navigating), please click disable automatic focus

You can (re-)enable the feature at any time by clicking the link enable automatic focus

Manual focus

If you have JavaScript disabled, you can manually place the focus in the search box by pressing a keyboard shortcut. There are different shortcuts for different browsers:

  • Firefox and Chrome: ALT+SHIFT+Q
  • Internet Explorer: ALT+q
  • Opera: SHIFT+ESC, then q

Advanced features

If, for example, you are translating a technical text  or if you want to find results only for a certain word class, there are two ways to adjust the order of search results according to your needs:

Preferred vocabulary

To adjust the settings so that technical vocabulary will be listed at the top of the table, click the corresponding button. This will overide the default setting Basic vocabulary at top.

  • Beim Grundwortschatz handelt es sich um die häufigsten Wörter aus dem Grund- und Aufbauwortschatz. Innerhalb des Grundwortschatzes werden die Ergebnisse alphabetisch sortiert angezeigt.
  • Beim Fachwortschatz handelt es sich um fachspezifische Übersetzungen, die unter Umständen auch nur in genau diesem Fach gültig sind. Innerhalb des Fachwortschatzes wird ebenfalls alphabetisch sortiert.

Last but not least, when searching for more than one word, you have the option to receive only matches for entries containing all search words. You can also switch off hyperlinking in the results table so that you can easily select and copy entries in the dictionary.

LEO uses cookies in order to facilitate the fastest possible website experience with the most functions. In some cases cookies from third parties are also used. For further information about this subject please refer to the information under  Leo’s Terms of use / Data protection (Cookies)
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