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delightful euphemismLast post 20 Jun 16, 00:29
I came across this the other day:Denn der bürgerliche Bodensatz ist hier überschaubar.which,…15 Replies
not that bad -> euphemism or dysphemism?Last post 23 Aug 09, 12:25
about a football team: "we can't be that bad, we are top of the group" is can't be that bad 1 Replies
Bathroom now a euphemism for toilet/lavatory in BE? Last post 08 Jul 13, 08:33
“Manage toilet needs by having a maximum of two children in the bathroom at any one…” from: 33 Replies
BBC article on German directness / British small talk and euphemismLast post 27 Jul 11, 20:44
Are Germans ruder than the British? Are Britons more dishonest than Germans? Fortunately, we…144 Replies
'leave the party early' = euphemism for 'die'Last post 23 Jan 09, 13:23
Hallo,kennt jemand den Ausdruck 'leave the party early' als einen Euphemismus für 'die'? Wen…5 Replies
warm werden/warm halten - is this a euphemism for something dirty, or does it actually mean keep warm?Last post 13 Feb 11, 11:31
The context is a diary entry, a 16-year-old is writing about a girl he likes and that he wan…5 Replies
whoopee spotLast post 13 Jul 09, 11:41
Start the car I know a whoopee spot Where the ginis cold but that piano`s hot If`s just a no…8 Replies
pranging outLast post 29 Mar 06, 11:43
"you're pranging out" Ist aus nem neuen Song von The Streets, evtl. Slang, irgendwer eine Idee?2 Replies
SchönfärbereiLast post 17 Aug 05, 15:28
Diese Arbeit als gut zu bezeichnen ist Schönfärberei Leo gives out "garment dyeing" for Schö…9 Replies
TarnbezeichnungLast post 10 Nov 09, 11:36
...als Tarnbezeichnung fuer den Massenmord How would you translate the word Tarnbezeichnung…2 Replies