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Sustainability (wortkombinationen)Last post 13 Aug 09, 09:51
Hallo! Ich schreibe gerade eine Hausarbeit über Nachhaltigkeit...momentan arbeite ich an ein…3 Replies
sustainabilityLast post 31 Jan 21, 11:25
Ein Begriff aus der Softwareentwicklung, z. B. hier erklärt (oder hier etwas wissenschaftlic…1 Replies
Financial sustainabilityLast post 16 Jan 09, 17:05
Financial sustainability & financially sustainable Damit ist gemeint: unabhängig von "donor fu1 Replies
debt sustainabilityLast post 13 Oct 08, 21:58
an increased focus in country-specfic economic developments (for example debt sustainability…1 Replies
Sustainability consultingLast post 20 Apr 07, 07:50
We are interested in these opportunities as they are related to Impact Assessment, Strategic…1 Replies
Sustainability DatabaseLast post 30 Jan 08, 11:56
The assessor should verify that the facility is submitting this data to the (Firmenname) Sus…2 Replies
Sustainability Challenges Last post 10 Jun 08, 11:15
We are inspired an motivated by the world's sustainability challenges. Es geht um Entwicklu…2 Replies
sustainability agendaLast post 26 Jun 08, 11:06
sustainability agenda3 Replies
debt sustainability Last post 16 Sep 12, 20:56
"Greece has already produced a huge effort but will have to continue to do so," Ms Largade s…1 Replies
sustainability gapLast post 14 Oct 10, 18:24
The City Council runs the risk of falling into what I call the “Sustainability Gap”; the dif…1 Replies

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