New entry for LEO – User guide

When to use this forum

The New Entry forum is where we like to receive your suggestions for new entries. A different forum or action might be more suitable for you if: ­

  • you would like to find out the translation for a word – in this case please use ­English missing­ and German missing
  • you are unsure of a translation and would like to check with others – in this case please use Translation correct?
  • you have a whole glossary that you would like to donate. In this case please send us an  ­email.  ­Please be aware that we can only include glossaries if the copyright owner declares agreement to transfer of the collection of vocabulary items to LEO and permit LEO to make use of the data.

How to use this forum

  • To get an idea of how to best use the form in this forum section please read the discussion ­Red Army Faction - die Rote-Armee-Fraktion (Abk.: RAF) which is a good example of how to structure your information. Our team is small and relies on your support. The better you are able to demonstrate the correctness of your submission, the faster we can include it in our dictionary.
  • If you would like to send us several related entries (e.g. the various species within a whole family of plants) we ask you to either send us a word list or separate your list into manageable groups of closely related entries. This helps us to keep our bearings and stay efficient.
  • For the benefit of all users, we are linking dictionary entries that are based on a suggestion in the new entry section with the relevant post. Other users will appreciate the time and effort you invested in researching an entry. Thank you!

How to start a new thread  ­

  • Click SUGGEST NEW ENTRY at the bottom right of your page.
  • Enter your suggested word pair or phrase and remember to cite your sources. Select additional tags (grammar, region etc.) where relevant. You may currently only add one tag from each field. If other tags are necessary, please add manually next to the word in the entry field or in the comment.
  • Click  ­ADD­ if you need fields for other related entries.
  • It would be great if – along with the URL or source reference – you could also provide the relevant passage from your source that supports your suggested entry.
  • If you would like to make any comments regarding your suggestion, please do so in the Comment field.