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conjunctionLast post 05 Dec 08, 11:39
hi, I don't know if in this sentence is missing a conjuntion or not. The book xyz is not ai…1 Replies
seitdem - conjunction?Last post 25 Feb 16, 09:01
LEO and other dictionaries describe seitdem as an adverb and a conjunction. I'm familiar wit…9 Replies
conjunction - KonnektorLast post 29 May 11, 15:42
Das Wort und ist ein Konnektor.0 Replies
Preposition vs. conjunctionLast post 19 Aug 14, 11:57
I’ve invented a few sentences to illustrate prepositions vs. conjunctions. Are the sentences…6 Replies
plus as a conjunctionLast post 22 Jan 07, 17:23
Is the conjunction "plus" used only in informal writing or also common for scientific articl…2 Replies
in connection / conjunction withLast post 20 Jan 03, 10:27
Is there any difference between these two words in this context?8 Replies
"Obwohl" as subordinating conjunctionLast post 16 Mar 16, 12:13
Which is correct(1) Obwohl ich Hunde mag, im Gegensatz zu meiner Mutter habe ich keine Hauti…5 Replies
"plus" as conjunction in EnglishLast post 19 Feb 11, 21:31
"Plus" is sometimes used as a conjunction in English, meaning "in addition" or "moreover". I…10 Replies
coordinating conjunctionLast post 05 Feb 16, 17:09
Coordinating conjunctions, also called coordinators, are conjunctions that join, or coordina…1 Replies
cumulative conjunctionLast post 05 Feb 16, 17:10
Types of coordinating conjunctions include cumulative conjunctions, adversative conjunctions…1 Replies

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