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defloration, Reformation, reformation Defloration, Reformation

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Kriechverformung - creep deformationLast post 21 May 05, 13:06
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creep_(failure_mode)1 Replies
racking deformationLast post 26 Apr 07, 14:03
...elastic solutions for shear, thrust and moment in the building due to racking deformation…2 Replies
taboo deformationLast post 08 Feb 15, 19:56
The history of the noun and interjection "tarnation" illustrates a phenomenon called taboo d…8 Replies
deformation (tube)Last post 01 Mar 11, 17:17
On the claim picture, it is evident that there is a formation of imperfection on the inner s…2 Replies
uniform strain - GleichmaßdehnungLast post 26 Jan 07, 16:07
From http://www.brushwellman.com/alloy/tech_lit/May-June%202004.pdf : "The strain up to this…9 Replies
strain - elastische VerformungLast post 31 Mar 05, 14:14
Das obige Wortpaar stimmt mit der Kategorie [engin.] einfach nicht. In der Mechanik (Fachspr…3 Replies
"gross plastic deformation"Last post 22 May 08, 13:39
source: "For example, the combination of gross plastic deformation and cryogenic temperature…2 Replies
deformation of trim Last post 06 Oct 12, 22:50
The coupling of the support means with the stem is made with a clearance to offset the defor…2 Replies
Verformungssteifigkeit - dimensional stability, rigidity against deformationLast post 03 Jul 09, 14:37
Welche Übersetzung ist richtiger?1 Replies
Compression (Kgf/m), Deformation (mm)Last post 18 Feb 05, 18:39
http://deflor.com.br/english/retentores.html Compression (Kgf/m), Deformation (mm) Unten i…4 Replies