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godfatherLast post 07 Jan 11, 09:04
I'm wondering how to say the following in German: I need to return home as I have been aske…1 Replies
Mafia godfather - Mafia-PateLast post 21 Jan 13, 22:40
Russian Mafia godfather Aslan Usoyan, known in the underword as ‘Grandpa Hassan,’ was whack…1 Replies
to godfather sth.Last post 15 Mar 08, 19:55
This is where the great strategies were godfathered Ziemlich schwer als Protestant ein pass…10 Replies
godfather of Sovjet lettersLast post 27 Feb 17, 21:59
... Maksim Gorky, the godfather of Soviet letters and the founder of the‘socialist realism’ …9 Replies
godfather of italian product designLast post 29 Jun 09, 16:49
godfather of italian product design Patenonkel laut Wörterbuch passt ja wohl schlecht...10 Replies
godmother - Godin, GotinLast post 17 Jan 15, 17:26
"Die Godin" krimi von Robert Hültner, 1997 I have just read "Die Godin" (Robert Hültner, 199…9 Replies
Clattering PanLast post 09 Jan 19, 22:39
Clattering Pan: The Times disses a Future Film ClassicDies ist die Überschrift zu einem Text…30 Replies
SchiffspateLast post 03 May 05, 17:34
the person who launches the ship. I know that a Schiffstaufe is either christening or launch…3 Replies
PateLast post 19 Nov 03, 15:14
Der Vorstand benennt darüber hinaus ein oder mehrere langjährige Mitglieder als PATEN auf Ze…3 Replies
PatenweinLast post 01 Apr 06, 06:24
From a newspaper announcement in 1937: Sonnabend und Sonntag den 16. und 17. Oktober Fest d…5 Replies