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heavenly skiesLast post 30 Apr 18, 19:41
... the grandeur of the heavenly skies Die Erhabenheit der himmlischen Himmel klingt ein bi…6 Replies
heavenly strainsLast post 15 Nov 10, 19:08
"What voice is this? What heavenly strains Bring solace to tormented brains?" (Auden) [Pati…15 Replies
Heavenly lighting (film)Last post 05 Dec 12, 10:47
Kontext ist Filmaufnahme. TRACK/SLIDE SHOTS; heavenly lighting... Danke Euch2 Replies
heavenly realm - HimmelreichLast post 11 Feb 11, 19:28
The Heavenly Realm passages describe the fantastic honor that God blesses Christians. poet.:…5 Replies
celestial - überirdischLast post 13 Jun 06, 18:58
Pons-Collins Großwörterbuch Deutsch-Englisch Englisch-Deutsch, 2. Ausgabe, Klett Verlag 199…9 Replies
She is of the heavenly kind.Last post 15 Oct 06, 20:02
_ Hallo, was heißt das denn genau? Danke3 Replies
she smells heavenly - sie riecht himmlischeLast post 27 Jan 10, 14:02
can one use himmlische to describe a person (as with heavenly in english)? thanks3 Replies
Dear heavenly father from above... - Lieber Gott im Himmel...Last post 08 Jan 12, 20:13
Dear heavenly father from above, look down on XXX and YYY with love, please keep them in you…4 Replies
Petting - a game of both touching in a very heavenly way and going very far, very heavily!Last post 25 Sep 09, 14:38
Petting - a game of both touching in a very heavenly way and going very far, very heavily! …4 Replies
nandina - der Himmelsbambus, wiss.: Nandina domesticaLast post 17 Jul 11, 05:32 nandina Pronunciation: /nanˈdʌɪnə, -ˈdi0 Replies

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