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likewise - ebensoLast post 20 Jan 10, 23:28
While climatic conditions undoubtedly have an (important) impact on pasture based dairy farm…6 Replies
likewise - wohin damit?Last post 21 Feb 08, 23:07
hey leute, ich hab einwenig probleme mit dem Wort likewise. Ich brenne darauf es stilistisch…11 Replies
likewise (formal use)Last post 19 Sep 09, 21:32
can the word "likewise" be used in formal situations? I am writing emails for a job, and I w…7 Replies
likewiseLast post 12 Mar 08, 07:49
Are these subjects likewise equally important? Heißt das "ebenso" oder "gleichso" hier? Danke5 Replies
"For instance,..." and "likewise"Last post 29 Nov 13, 23:17
Hi everyone, I am working on a paper for the university (urbanism) and unsure about the use…8 Replies
likewise an dieser Stelle korrekt?Last post 09 Apr 08, 21:11
Hallo, ist das Wort likewise hier an der richtigen Stelle? ..it takes place likewise within…1 Replies
likewiseLast post 18 Mar 07, 16:57
er kommt nie pünktlich.He never arrives in time neuer satz : Likewise, he never remembers m…11 Replies
likewiseLast post 01 Nov 07, 16:51
HAbe so etwas gelesen Likewise, the birds do not have to learn flying. Also Likewise im Sin…2 Replies
likewise Last post 03 Aug 06, 16:27
Its major mission is likewise attracting small and medium-sized enterprises. likewise in de…1 Replies
likewiseLast post 20 Oct 09, 20:33
Genauso wie Mary, erzählt auch Sophia viele Lügen. Likewise Mary, Sophia tells many lies. …4 Replies