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peasant family - BauernfamilieLast post 30 Mar 05, 00:56
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/country_profiles/1123668.stm A former lawyer, …4 Replies
Peasant Movement - BauernbewegungLast post 25 Mar 05, 18:41
Other factors contributing to the development and spread of Anabaptism include the peasant m…1 Replies
Bauernkost - peasant foodLast post 22 Aug 12, 11:26
Unser Haus bietet ein umfangreiches Angebot an hochwertigen Gaumenfreuden, wie zum Beispiel …1 Replies
free peasant - FreibauerLast post 15 Apr 12, 19:00
In the Middle Ages, there was an important distinction between free peasants, theoretically …1 Replies
peasant-toughLast post 16 Apr 07, 11:48
He was whipped wiry and peasant-tough (a soldier) zäh wie ein Bauer? Gibt es eine feste For…2 Replies
Evil peasant's fortuneLast post 06 Jun 08, 15:25
Then they saw that she was pregnant, immense in the print dress, and the faces parted to let…0 Replies
Etymology of Bauernfänger ? - "peasant catcher" / "swindler" Last post 10 Mar 09, 15:02
Moritz wird enden wie sein Vater: als Bauernfänger! Nette kompliment! So werden von angeblic…11 Replies
Peasant Tops in German?Last post 22 Feb 09, 11:10
What are Peasant Tops in german? http://www.bluefly.com/Sweet-Pea-ocean-paisley-mesh-peasan…3 Replies
some evil peasant's fortuneLast post 07 Jul 08, 11:45
Then they saw that she was pregnant, immense in the print dress, and the faces parted to let…5 Replies
von kleinbäuerlicher Herkunft sein - to be of peasant stockLast post 31 Jul 11, 13:38
Maximinus Daia war auch, wie sein Onkel Galerius, von kleinbäuerlicher Herkunft. -1 Replies

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