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prorector, prosector, protector Projektor

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Beamer - projectorLast post 28 Aug 07, 16:44
Could someone please enlighten me on this subject? Has 'beamer' entered the English vocabul…51 Replies
projector's pamphletLast post 02 Aug 07, 16:51
Swift disoriented his readers by confusing the genre signals: critical tradition has taught …1 Replies
beam projectorLast post 20 May 10, 05:17 Replies
overhead projector - der HellraumprojektorLast post 21 Nov 07, 11:55 Replies
data projector - der BeamerLast post 11 Mar 08, 01:46
"... with groups of 6 or more people some means of showing a larger image is required - henc…8 Replies
Computer slides with LCD projectorLast post 05 Jun 08, 19:40
Hallo! Dies steht auf einem Formular ueber audio-visuelle Ausstattung. Kann aber leider nic…2 Replies
Material reduction/projector set chartLast post 27 May 10, 17:20
Material reduction/projector set chart Before spraying, the material being used must be thin…2 Replies
projector 4-light system / reflector 4-light system ?? (Fahrzeugscheinwerfer)Last post 11 Jan 09, 07:20
Es geht um Fahrzeugscheinwerfer mit einer zusätzlichen Infrarotlichtvorrichtung zur Hinderni…2 Replies
Im Falle den Overheadprojektor benützen zu müssen - In case of using the overhead projectorLast post 02 Apr 14, 15:22
In case of using the overhead projector2 Replies
Damit du verstehst, worüber ich spreche, lege ich nun eine Wörterliste auf den Projektor - That you understand about I’m talking I will put a worldlist on the projector.Last post 22 Nov 09, 19:46
Vielen Dank Gruss Marc2 Replies

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