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refuel, refuge, refuse, repute

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refuteLast post 14 Mar 07, 12:42
he was asked to refute his views Hi, Was meint ihr? Sollte er seine eigenen Ansichten widerl…2 Replies
Misuse of 'refute'Last post 20 Sep 20, 06:01
This error has been bothering me more and more since more people seem to be making it even i…13 Replies
refute by or with?Last post 19 Jun 12, 18:12
She refutes the argument with / by saying... (that actually she loved his way of speaking (o…1 Replies
to refute sth. - etw. widerlegenLast post 16 Jun 19, 18:29
Der Eintrag ist nicht falsch, aber doppelt. Es gibt:to refute sth. - etw. (Akk.) widerlegen…0 Replies
This last conclusion attempts to simultaneously refute Saussure's division between langue and parole and Chomsky's distinction bLast post 06 Feb 09, 10:45
They draw three conclusions from Austin: (1) A performative utterance doesn't communicate in…3 Replies
entkräften / entgegentreten (bzgl. Gerücht / Vorwurf)Last post 11 Jul 02, 14:42
Diesem Gerücht sollte man konsequent engegentreten. Den Vorwurf kann man leicht entkräften.…1 Replies
für falsch erklärenLast post 13 May 13, 19:43
Der Aufsatz erklärt die bisherige Forschung nicht für falsch. Nimmt man falsify oder declar…2 Replies
widerlegenLast post 03 Aug 06, 16:27
dieses Argument kann leicht widerlegt werden. This argument can easily be refuted.(???)3 Replies
eine Behauptung widerlegenLast post 10 Dec 09, 19:28
kann man sagen: "to prove a claim wrong" wie in "X proves/proved Y's claim wrong" oder ist …2 Replies
Wird das Werk durch Diesen Tod widerlegt? - Does this death contradict the works?Last post 19 Aug 07, 05:47
Er... or is it the other way around: "Will the work refute this death?"1 Replies

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