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capability Last post 19 Mar 09, 16:58
the lack of an anti-guerrilla capability at all levels in the field habe Probleme mit "capa…1 Replies
potential-capabilityLast post 28 Feb 07, 19:16
´Potential´ may be used in conjunction with machines. Actually, I need a synonym for thi..1 Replies
drive capabilityLast post 12 Jun 08, 11:18
The drive capability with HART resistor is 950 Ohms and without HART resistor 1200 Ohms.6 Replies
Plant CapabilityLast post 18 Aug 08, 11:45
dieser begriff fließt als überschrift in einem Fragebogen ein. darunter folgen dann noch wei…2 Replies
Organizational capabilityLast post 26 Jun 08, 11:56
Aus: Organizational Capabilities and the Economic History of the Industrial Enterprise Könn…1 Replies
review capabilityLast post 15 Aug 07, 09:57
In most cases his own location, but needs to be readily available during day and able to mee…3 Replies
capability buildingLast post 12 Aug 07, 13:33
First, organization-environment fit, capability building in emerging areas, and reduced sear…1 Replies
ranging capabilityLast post 01 May 06, 09:14 alternate physical layer for low data rate communications. It is based on impulse ra…1 Replies
processing capability Last post 25 May 06, 21:26
Its products provide the processing capability for a multitude of consumer devices such as m…1 Replies
reconstitution capabilityLast post 06 Oct 09, 10:12
Any new treaty should include measure that would limit the US reconstitution capability. Es…0 Replies

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