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agility, anility, lability

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ability - die BegabungLast post 19 Jul 04, 09:28
Durch die Anfrage in Translation correct habe ich hingeguckt und zweifle. Was meint Ihr? 1 …3 Replies
glueing ability - die VerleimbarkeitLast post 15 Sep 04, 06:02
I don't know anything about gluing, but this is the only entry where the word is spelled wit…2 Replies
ability usageLast post 26 Apr 09, 15:34
(Whatever happened to my thread? So I'll post it again) Consider the following example sente…3 Replies
skill, ability, capacityLast post 03 Aug 13, 12:11
Wie könnte man den Unterschied zwischen skill, ability und capacity (alles im Sinne v7 Replies
Abgrenzung: Capability und Ability Last post 04 Aug 20, 12:50
Kann mir Jemand die Abgrenzung der o.g. Begriffe erklären? Wann benutzt man welchen? Bitte m…10 Replies
linguistic ability - sprachliche KönnenLast post 25 Feb 08, 11:58
Entry Requirements: AS Level - GCSE German or demonstration of linguistic ability at that le…1 Replies
heat-trapping ability - of greenhouse gases [env.] - Beitrag zur Erderwärmung Last post 30 Aug 14, 17:52
http://dict.leo.org/ende/index_de.html#/search=heat-trapping&searchLoc=0&resultOrder=basic&3 Replies
abilityLast post 13 Jul 09, 20:12
We are also working to improve our ability to do business in Germany in the future including…1 Replies
play ability, playability - die SpielbarkeitLast post 22 Jun 05, 20:44
http://www.osta.org/specs/multiplay.htm technically: In order to ensure playability of CD-RO…1 Replies
integrationsfähigkeit - ability to integrate Last post 16 Jan 06, 07:46
hier gehts mir um integrationsfähigkeit in sinne von "sich gut in ein team integieren können"1 Replies