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prepay, ready, Ready, relay, replay, reply

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pay, amortize, amortise

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repay tenfoldLast post 27 May 09, 23:21
If you do this, it will repay you tenfold! In German?3 Replies
repay a creditLast post 13 Oct 09, 19:05 Replies
Sicherheit zurückerstatten - repay the securityLast post 29 Dec 09, 21:39
Frankreich hat es versäumt, die Drohkulisse rund um Deutschland in den Jahren abzubauen, in …2 Replies
to repay a credit - einen Kredit abtragenLast post 15 Oct 09, 11:36 Replies
Obligation to repay loan put on holdLast post 02 May 10, 18:12
If you owe money on student loands you have the right to have your repayment obligation put …2 Replies
through which they can repay their debt to societyLast post 26 Apr 09, 13:24
through which they can repay their debt to society1 Replies
to repay so. for sth. - jmdn. für etw. entschädigenLast post 12 Mar 13, 11:30
The European Commission wants farmers to repay society for their subsidies, worth about 50bn…1 Replies
to sink - rückzahlenLast post 10 Aug 15, 17:38
Hamblock/Wessels Großwörterbuch Wirtschaftsenglisch, Langenscheidt, Muret-Sanders alle sagen…13 Replies
einen Betrag per Überweisung auszahlen/erstatten - to repay an amount WITH the next paymentLast post 26 Feb 08, 19:09
bitte zahlen Sie den Betrag mit Ihrer nächsten Überweisung aus. please repay the amount WITH…2 Replies
einen Kredit abtragenLast post 09 May 05, 17:13 “Wir leben nicht auf Pump und müssen im Gegen…1 Replies

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