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descendant, scion, progeny, issue, hatchling

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Use of offspring, progenyLast post 25 Sep 06, 22:47
Can these words also be used to refer to grandchildren? I have always thought of them as ch…9 Replies
offspring, begetLast post 07 Aug 07, 08:44
The child is stolen. That?s why we need your help. The beget... the offspring... is still in…2 Replies
infant offspringLast post 20 May 09, 13:22
nfant offspring1 Replies
offspring of snakes - SchlangenbrutLast post 16 May 11, 11:21
When Jesus saw a number of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to his baptism by John, he cal…3 Replies
Nachwuchs Bei Vögeln - young/offspringLast post 15 May 07, 07:45
Bei Vögeln nimmt die Anzahl des Nachwuchses nämlich nicht mit zunehmender Körpergröße ab, sonde25 Replies
parent-offspring triosLast post 20 Mar 07, 17:26
Study of 3,340 parent-offspring trios. Results: the increase in standardized offspring BMI …3 Replies
the offspring of - der Nachkomme vonLast post 26 Jun 12, 13:32
Lion, the offspring of Rascal In einem Welpen-Registrierungsnamen soll die Abstammung zum Va…1 Replies
flesh- of -our flesh offspringLast post 01 Nov 09, 17:15
when we discovered that we were not to have the flesh- of -our- flesh offspring, we watched…2 Replies
offspring of an illicit affairLast post 23 Jan 12, 16:06
Mir fällt nur 'Produkt' einer heimlichen Liebesbeziehung ein. Ich weiß nicht, ob ich gerade …6 Replies
offspring being recruited to the breeding populationLast post 03 Jun 11, 13:58
offspring being recruited to the breeding population Könnte mir bitte wer helfen diese Zeil…2 Replies