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highest bidder - HöchstbietendeLast post 31 Dec 05, 00:15
Großwörterbuch Englisch-Deutsch, Deutsch-Englisch - Duden Verlag 2003 Dieser Eintrag fehlt …1 Replies
at its highest levelLast post 12 Apr 13, 15:44
Ich soll einen englischen, naturwissenschaftlichen Text eines deutschen Muttersprachlers kor…5 Replies
Next highest/higher levelLast post 21 Mar 11, 23:04
Which is correct: "at the next highest level" or "at the next higher level"? I always thoug…8 Replies
one of the highest amount of in... and the highest inLast post 05 Dec 13, 22:50
Hello everybody! For me, the following sentence sounds somehow wrong but I am unable to fin…16 Replies
highest-ranking - höchstrangingLast post 30 Jul 08, 15:10
A suicide bomber has killed the governor of eastern Afghanistan's Paktia province - the high…6 Replies
Höchstbietender - highest bidderLast post 15 Oct 05, 19:29
bezogen auf Auktionen. Vielleicht auch in Verbindung mit 'standing', falls die Auktion mehr…2 Replies
Porcelain - visible or visibly highest quality.Last post 14 Jun 17, 14:04
In a presentation for a French porcelain manufacturer there is a slide with a lot of adjecti…4 Replies
allerhöchste Zeit - highest time?Last post 15 Apr 07, 00:45
es ist allerhöchste Zeit, den Gürtel enger zu schnallen (in sense of saving money) Leo says …5 Replies
highest god - mächtigte GottLast post 03 Jan 08, 16:03
"God Vishnu is the highest god, so our pandit at the temple has always told us, and He has c…2 Replies
joint highestLast post 23 Nov 08, 19:41
The University has the joint highest scores for overall student satisfaction in England.1 Replies