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domination, predominance, mastery

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primate city dominance - PrimatstadtdominanzLast post 16 Mar 06, 19:03
http://www.revision-notes.co.uk/revision/179.html I love it was it's simple, what a direct …6 Replies
dominance / dominationLast post 30 Jul 07, 20:55
z.B. auf dem Wirtschaftssektor sehe ich das richtig, dass - dominance einen Zustand darst…1 Replies
corporate dominanceLast post 24 May 08, 15:28
kann mir jemand sagen was das auf deutsch heißen soll? ich hab keine ahnung... Danke6 Replies
cross-dominanceLast post 12 Oct 10, 21:55
This exercise was not effective as he was left-handed for writing. Later, it was discovered…1 Replies
witness dominanceLast post 08 Apr 10, 16:35
You should have been there to witness his dominance. Ich weiss nicht, wie ich das Wort "wit…2 Replies
engagement dominanceLast post 21 Nov 09, 11:41
- Type of engagement dominance: Pure Consulting Consultative Transactional - Value Pr3 Replies
Rangfolge - pecking order; dominance hierarchyLast post 24 Jan 08, 17:27
Als englischer Wikipedia-Artikel zu http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rangordnung_%28Biologie%29 …4 Replies
full spectrum dominanceLast post 20 Sep 06, 20:43
"Its [the United States'] official declared policy is now defined as 'full spectrum dominanc…5 Replies
brand dominanceLast post 29 Jan 10, 23:52
a growth in services, the culture industries and brand dominance in some areas of the econom…1 Replies
Trait dominance Scale etc.Last post 15 Aug 08, 20:03
Dominance, Endurance, and Autonomy are positive correlates of the Trait dominance Scale. In …1 Replies