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Orthographically similar words

adust, busty, drusy, dunst, dusky, Dust, dust, Duty, duty, fusty, gusty, lusty, musty, rusty Dunst, Durst

Forum discussions containing the search term

dusty, frumpy = datedLast post 02 Apr 08, 20:14
In German "altbacken" and "staubig" can be synonyms for "altmodisch". Is it the same in Engl…2 Replies
dustyLast post 10 Sep 06, 16:06
He drank his first strong liquor then to calm his shaking hand And tried to tell himself at …4 Replies
dusty-roseLast post 06 Aug 07, 21:06
It was a beatiful room with dusty-rose walls. Was für eine Farbe wäre das? gräuliches Rosa?…2 Replies
dustyLast post 08 Jul 04, 12:38
A poor ole dusty hard working cowboy. Ein armer ... hart arbeitender Cowboy. (staubig??) Wa…3 Replies
dusty red-soil plainsLast post 18 Jul 11, 14:53
aus einem Lied über Australien: I came from the dusty red-soil plains1 Replies
in den staubigen Ruinen - in the dusty ruinsLast post 27 Oct 10, 18:21
Man kann sich das vorstellen während man in den staubigen Ruinen steht. You can imagine tha…1 Replies
orbiting disk of dusty debrisLast post 16 Jun 10, 14:39
An orbiting disk of dusty debris surrounds Beta Pictoris. Könnte mir bitte jemand mit der k…3 Replies
to get a dusty receptionLast post 24 Sep 09, 11:05
Now it is Britain itself that is broke, and any plan for repairing social breakdown that com…2 Replies
bloom, a dusty film on chocolate - Reif, der auf der Schokolade entstehtLast post 10 Mar 08, 17:01
A white dusty film on the outside of chocolate called bloom, is an indication that the choco…3 Replies
dusty miller - Weißfilziges Greiskraut, wiss.: Senecio cineraria, Jacobaea maritimaLast post 01 Aug 11, 03:17
http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/dusty+miller dusty miller noun a plant of the daisy 0 Replies