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dysfunctional - dysfunktionalLast post 08 Aug 05, 13:57
s.u. Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache: dys|funk|ti|o|nal [Adj. ; Med.] in einer Funktion g…2 Replies
dysfunctionalLast post 09 Jul 12, 14:00
"I come from a dysfunctional family." A family which has many problems.8 Replies
dysfunctional familyLast post 28 May 09, 15:07
dysfunctional family Was soll das heißen? nicht dysfunktionalle Familie oder?14 Replies
socially dysfunctionalLast post 01 Jul 09, 11:53
Rarely a week goes past without yet another media panic quoting the ‘latest research’ on4 Replies
dysfunctional incentives Last post 09 Jun 08, 14:56
"when dysfunctional incentives caused by prior-year standards are particular problematic" D…2 Replies
dysfunctional adultLast post 14 May 12, 09:29
These ... most dysfunctional adults who had never been abused ... during childhood ... "mos…3 Replies
dysfunctional board - unfähiger VorstandLast post 11 Jan 09, 23:00
And it is harsh treatment for an organisation to see it dismembered and handed to Channel 4,…3 Replies
dysfunction(s), dysfunctional familyLast post 18 Apr 13, 08:55
I grew up in a very dysfunctional family. I didn’t want to repeat a dysfunctional relat12 Replies
dysfunctional uterine bleedingLast post 02 May 10, 17:01
dysfunctional uterine bleeding, Hat mein Frauenarzt in den USA bei mir festgestellt, wie übe…3 Replies
sexually intrusive dysfunctional society (SIDS)Last post 31 Jul 14, 15:17
Hallo Ihr Lieben, der Kontext ist ein Entwicklungshilfebericht – gibt es eine deutsche Ents…8 Replies