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grievanceLast post 13 Apr 10, 14:22
Ich habe in der E-KA folgendes geschrieben: Industrialised countries should fight against t…6 Replies
grievanceLast post 15 Jun 06, 17:06
If there was one thing that he hated more than another it was the way she had of waking him …3 Replies
grievance histroyLast post 10 May 06, 16:24
Kontext: Liste von Dingen, die bei der Vorbereitung von Tarifverhandlungen seitens des Unter…4 Replies
grievance counselorLast post 25 Jun 08, 14:52
"We live in a small town, and everybody looks at your clothes and what you drive and where y…2 Replies
group grievanceLast post 24 Jan 12, 18:16
indicators of state vulnerability: group grievance. Ich suche nach einer guten deutschen Üb…4 Replies
Greed and GrievanceLast post 03 Nov 08, 17:12
Greed-rebellion was motivated by predation of the rents from primary commodity exports, subj…2 Replies
grievance mechanism - BeschwerdeeinrichtungLast post 14 Oct 09, 14:13
kann man das so sagen?0 Replies
environmental grievance mechanismLast post 06 Nov 13, 20:45
GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Hallo zusammen, w…2 Replies
grievance commission - Beschwerdekommission, Schiedskommission?Last post 15 Oct 08, 10:37
(...) for the attention of the grievance commission (...) Die betreffende Angelegenheit beda…0 Replies
Grievance looking for a causeLast post 05 May 20, 18:02
Hallo,hat jemand eine Idee wie man diesen Satz ins Deutsche übersetzen kann? Es geht um die …9 Replies

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