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imperially, imperatorial

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Imperial cult Last post 26 May 09, 14:15
"This structure was identified as a temple for the Imperial Cult, and should be dated to the…3 Replies
imperial sizeLast post 26 Jan 09, 10:37
H-beam exporters in Southeast Asia are looking to lift prices. Mills are now seeking to expo…0 Replies
Imperial analogiesLast post 11 Dec 08, 23:54
Imperial analogies will doubtless prove important for making sense of the EU's frontiers as …3 Replies
imperial greyLast post 01 Jul 08, 04:09
Hintergrundinfo: In den 1920er Jahren brachte eine amerikanische Autofirma, deren Autos in G…2 Replies
Middle ImperialLast post 23 Feb 07, 10:04
Marble statue of the young Hercules, Roman, Middle Imperial. Ich finde einfach keine gebräu…2 Replies
imperial nightsLast post 08 Nov 06, 14:57
Einfach nur "imperial nights". Bedeutet das nur kaiserliche Nächte? Oder wäre "Reichsnächte"…2 Replies
Imperial PresenceLast post 27 Aug 09, 13:41
The palace is organised around the golden enfilade that all inspiring route that took to the…2 Replies
Emperor / ImperialLast post 05 Nov 09, 14:32
Weiß jemand, warum es Emperor, aber Imperial heißt? Wie ist das entstanden? Danke! Nicole4 Replies
imperial estimatesLast post 08 May 20, 05:58
How tall is he now? I would like to put a mark on our measuring stick - so no imperial estim…2 Replies
Imperial BearingLast post 18 Nov 08, 12:44
His figure, especially the neck and shoulders, communicated the impression of irrefutable ph…2 Replies

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