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improvisieren Last post 24 Aug 07, 21:11
Das Improvisieren in der Musik kann man gleichermaßen "vamp" und "improvise" verwenden, ode…5 Replies
I should have a plan instead of winging it all the time. - Ich sollte nicht so sprunghaft sein.Last post 01 Nov 06, 21:48
http://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?va=winging "5 : to do or perform without preparation …5 Replies
Aufgrund der großen Entfernungen müssen die Australier improvisieren.Last post 21 Oct 09, 21:15
Bitte um Übersetzung dieses Satzes. Danke!3 Replies
to jam - jammenLast post 13 Jan 06, 18:02
keine Die Band hat sich zum Jammen getroffen. Hab leider keine Quelle dafür gefunden, aber u…5 Replies
winging itLast post 02 Oct 08, 18:13
HI everybody! I am just reading a book about negotiation skills. Can you let me know what "…1 Replies
fly by the seat of s.o.'s pantsLast post 26 Aug 10, 20:55
"We do get the distinct impression, however, that Commodore USA is flying by the seat of its…6 Replies
to fly by the seat of one's pantsLast post 06 Mar 08, 21:20
Anyone who knows me, knows I live in the moment and fly by the seat of my pants. Some people…11 Replies
bootstrapLast post 04 Apr 13, 17:32
So that farmers in the developing countries are able to bootstrap their own businesses. ich…8 Replies
make things up as we goLast post 17 Oct 06, 22:37
In which case we will make things up as we go Ist das eine allgemeine Redensart?3 Replies
to play something by earLast post 30 Sep 08, 11:13
heisst, doch, wie Leo sagt 'spontan entscheiden', aber gibt es denn keine Redensart dafür? A…15 Replies