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diner, inert, Inner, inner, inter, lifer, liner, Miner, miner, niner Diner, Eifer, einer, Einer, Inder, inert, Inger, inner, inter, Lifer, Liner

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deduce, conclude

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infer fromLast post 03 Sep 10, 12:05
People inferred meaning from events in their interpretation of authenticity. und: People i…1 Replies
Infer informationLast post 26 Oct 12, 14:22
Hi everybody, I'm looking for a good translation for: "Welche Informationen entnehmen Sie di…5 Replies
lose at inferLast post 18 Jun 09, 16:48
Did I lose you at infer? Ist ne Zeile aus nem Songtext den ich grad übersetz, aber ich hab …6 Replies
conclude - erschließenLast post 05 Jul 15, 23:05
"Alles Außenweltliche ist erschlossen." (Husserl, E. "Die Krisis der europäischen Wissenscha…5 Replies
hints,scratch and inferLast post 02 Nov 10, 18:20
expectng him to infer from your hints could leave both of you scratching your heads. what d…1 Replies
Verwendung von "to infer"Last post 25 Mar 11, 14:47
"Es muss einen starken Wunsch nach Veränderung gegeben haben, wenn es schon 1982 bei XY hieß…5 Replies
to deduce - inferierenLast post 26 Jul 05, 15:52
Der Duden kennzeichnet "inferieren" als "veraltet", der Wahrig listet es offensichtlich gar …1 Replies
From this we can infer that the past makes their actions and their confidence be defined by what others do.Last post 01 Jun 04, 15:35
Is this correct?The bit from 'makes' on sounds a bit strange to me...(Sorry, I don't know …0 Replies
Kann man vom Namen eines Clubs auf die Eigenschaften seiner Mitglieder schließen? - Can one infer the characteristics of a club's members from its naming? Last post 24 Jan 16, 23:59
z.b. Lions-Club etc Hallo, Ist die Frage richtig übersetzt ? Danke16 Replies
deductive or inferential???Last post 24 Oct 21, 00:43
Hi there - they are both translated as "schlussfolgernd" but surely there is a difference - …20 Replies

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