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repair penetration - ReparaturtiefeLast post 04 Aug 12, 18:50
Definition: Die Reparaturtiefe beschreibt den qualitativen Umfang an Reparaturen, der an ein…1 Replies
permeability - penetration - DiffusionsfähigkeitLast post 06 Jun 11, 08:47
The particular challenge involved here is a high solubility of the corticosteroid but also a…14 Replies
manufacturing penetration - Fertigungstiefe Last post 01 Mar 04, 21:29
.2 Replies
wall penetration - WanddurchbruchLast post 27 Aug 10, 09:48
SlimDuct Wall Sleeves are precision engineered to provide a convenient package for the insta…7 Replies
penetration Last post 07 Nov 09, 15:22
"It is one of Providence's rare pieces of justice that women should be provided with a natur…13 Replies
penetrationLast post 21 Jul 09, 12:21
the penetration of the signal through the walls12 Replies
fathoming; penetration; discovery - ErgründungLast post 16 Dec 08, 14:11
Diese Folgerung beruht auf Richtigkeit, soweit sie sich auf die Ergründung des linear-melodi…1 Replies
worked penetration - WalkpenetrationLast post 05 Aug 05, 11:42
http://www.weicon.de/produkte/td-en/allround-lubricant_techdata_typen.pdf Gegenteil von Ruh…0 Replies
penetration leakageLast post 29 Oct 07, 18:03
When the gland packing is used under a high temperature condition, the adhesive agent may be…2 Replies
account penetrationLast post 10 Sep 07, 15:32
Because ultimately you have the most direct contact with the customer, and account penetrati…5 Replies