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Überdauerung - PersistenceLast post 16 Apr 09, 15:30
http://www.biosicherheit.de/de/sicherheitsforschung/158.doku.html Auf der obigen Seite wurde…1 Replies
perseverance vs. persistenceLast post 11 Feb 14, 11:40
Are those two words interchangeable?6 Replies
persistence hunting - HetzjagdLast post 10 Nov 14, 14:18
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persistence_hunting http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hetzjagd Pers…4 Replies
PersistenceLast post 15 Mar 15, 01:02
..is una!ected by the e!ects of persistence in the interest rate process. Kann mir jemand h…6 Replies
persistence of vision - NachbilwirkungLast post 04 Jan 08, 16:40
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nachbildwirkung http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persistence_of_vision1 Replies
image persistenceLast post 09 May 07, 18:49
Image persistence is when a "ghost" of an image remains on the screen, even after switching …2 Replies
institutional persistenceLast post 30 Jun 11, 16:38
"As we have argued above, these countries will be characterized by large inequalities in eco…3 Replies
naive persistenceLast post 19 Aug 13, 17:47
A naïve persistence even in the face of overwhelming odds to the contrary (ie: your ex ignor…7 Replies
Persistence engineLast post 19 May 13, 20:40
Tritt in einer Liste von Hard- und Softwareanforderungen auf. Kein Kontext ersichtlich.1 Replies
persistence though vitellogenesisLast post 28 Mar 09, 14:45
Telford the persistence though vitellogenesis of micronuclei arranged along one side of the…6 Replies