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restraint, restring, retrain

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circumscribe, limit, repress, restrict, constrain

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restrainLast post 01 Apr 08, 14:34
In the draft load case the Bearing bracket was restrained in all degrees of freedom in the b…1 Replies
bodily restrainLast post 18 Jun 08, 17:26
- I'm leaving the hospital. - No. - What, will you bodily restrain me? - Yes, if I have to. …3 Replies
restrain ordersLast post 27 Mar 05, 16:34
The guy volunteered at the women's shelter dispensing free divorces and restraining orders .…1 Replies
unterdrücken - restrainLast post 05 Nov 07, 08:45
Verhaltensänderungen können unterdrückt worden sein. Changes in behaviour could have been r…0 Replies
to restrain oneselfLast post 11 Jul 06, 22:38
ich weiß, ich weiß, es steht im LEO, aber es geht um Folgendes: Es gibt 3 Ausdrücke für "si…3 Replies
checks that restrainLast post 07 Mar 12, 12:27
Scientific progress makes moral progress a necessity; for if man's power is increased, the c…8 Replies
difference between constrain and restrain?Last post 14 Jul 11, 12:58
What is the difference between constrain and restrain? Thank you in advance.4 Replies
Physical restraint/ to restrain physicallyLast post 22 Sep 21, 00:05
More than 2000 incidents of teachers restraining primary students have been reported since t…7 Replies
to restrain s.o. from engaging in conductLast post 01 Aug 07, 13:20
"... shall be entitled to injunctive or other equitable relief, restraining from engaging in…7 Replies
restrain sth. against the bias of the mainspringLast post 26 Aug 10, 11:33
Aus einem Patent (EP 08 252 805) (…0 Replies

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