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exacerbate vs. deteriorateLetzter Beitrag: 11 Jun. 12, 15:40
Is there any difference between those two words? Maybe in terms of "when to use"?12 Antworten
to deteriorate - (ein Schüler verschlechtert sich)Letzter Beitrag: 04 Mär. 10, 22:28
Hi LEOs! Can you use the verb mentioned above in the context of a student who gets a worse …6 Antworten
only to deteriorateLetzter Beitrag: 15 Feb. 12, 20:45
Whitney Houston, the multimillion-selling singer who emerged in the 1980s as one of her gene…27 Antworten
deteriorate each time it is recycledLetzter Beitrag: 17 Apr. 11, 14:29
Context: Wood fibres can be reused three to five times, as they deteriorate each time they a…2 Antworten
Mit dem Alter lässt unser Gedächtnis nach - With the age our memories deteriorateLetzter Beitrag: 28 Jun. 11, 22:23
Danke1 Antworten
downward trend: fall/fell (a fall); deteriorate/d; decrease/d (a descent); decline/d; go down/went down; drop/ped; collapse/d - upward trend: rise/rose (a rise); grow/grew (a growth); increase/d; improve/d; recover/ed; go up/went up; jump/ed; soar/edLetzter Beitrag: 08 Feb. 12, 13:20
fall/fell (a fall); abfallen deteriorate/d; verschlechtern decrease/d (a descent); mindern/n…6 Antworten
It also incorperated skepticism of triumphalist history, and the insight that favorable precedent, like Brown vs. Education, tends to deteriorate over time, cut back by narrow lower-court interpretation, administrative foot dragging, and delay.Letzter Beitrag: 14 Nov. 08, 10:48
It also incorperated skepticism of triumphalist history, and the insight that favorable prec…1 Antworten
detoriateLetzter Beitrag: 10 Apr. 13, 12:06
How can I evaluate how high intermodulation components begin to considerably detoriate the s…3 Antworten
detoriationLetzter Beitrag: 16 Aug. 07, 16:54
"Detoriation creep of rubber", also Gummielemente die mit der Zeit "kriechen" (creep) oder .…6 Antworten
Das Haus verfälltLetzter Beitrag: 15 Okt. 10, 12:27
Währenddessen verfällt das Haus und der Bewohner auch, sowohl körperlich als auch psychisch.…20 Antworten