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fusain, fusing

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fusionLast post 27 Aug 08, 15:01
Hi guys, has that term infiltrated the European ad market like it has over here? Every bett…9 Replies
cold fusion - kalte FusionLast post 03 Nov 04, 13:56
http://www.mit.edu:8001/people/rei/CFdir/CFhome.html It is difficult to imagine a more profo…1 Replies
fusion (phonological fusion)Last post 04 Jan 10, 19:33
I'm doing a translation of a psychological paper and I need the word "fusion" in this contex…1 Replies
epiphyseal fusion - EpiphysenfugenschlussLast post 31 Oct 15, 13:49
As you can see, no trace of the growth plate remains and epiphyseal fusion is complete. http…4 Replies
impact fusionLast post 27 Apr 09, 12:35
- less impact fusion Kontext: Aufzählung von Vorteilen eines neuartigen Pulverlacks (Pulver…1 Replies
fusion compoundLast post 01 Apr 09, 16:21
The fusion compound consists of a fluorescent protein linked to a polypeptide. ... + welche…6 Replies
Asian FusionLast post 25 Mar 08, 17:27
"The first time I tried Asian Fusion cuisine was way back in 1986 or so when I watched Chef …3 Replies
fusion languageLast post 20 Jan 08, 19:05
Yiddish was a fusion langugae, a "Weltsprache". gibt es den Begriff "fusion langugae" als f…3 Replies
weapon fusionLast post 30 Apr 08, 22:11
fully integrated advanced sensors and weapon fusion Hier im Zusammenhang mit Kampfflugzeuge…0 Replies
fusion showerLast post 26 Jul 11, 17:10
"The thalasso-spa has an indoor pool, fusion showers, Turkish baths and saunas."9 Replies