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Orthographically similar words

amble, ambler, camber, ember, gamer, saber, tamer, umber Aber, aber, Ambra, Ammer, Amöbe, Gambe, Haber, Umber

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yellow Ambra

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The "chiefly (Brit.)" should probably be removed, because traffic lights in the UK really a…4 Replies
amber - gelb, das GelbLast post 18 Jun 03, 16:39
Also Gelb allein ist es jedenfalls nicht, oder was meint ihr?10 Replies
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Wie würdet ihr in folgendem Kontext "amber spirits" übersetzen?Today, the House of Metaxa is…23 Replies
amber termination codon --> Bed. von amberLast post 06 Mar 10, 15:11
Genes are separated by an amber termination codon. In einem biologischen Kontext über Trans…3 Replies
baby amber turnips Last post 31 Mar 08, 07:44
roast lamb with fine mustard, fingerling potatoes, baby amber turnips in ice wine0 Replies
tutsan - das Mannsblut, wiss.: Hypericum androsaemumLast post 20 Jun 13, 20:25
http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/tutsan?q=Hypericum+androsaemum tutsan Pronun0 Replies
amber (Red List status)Last post 23 Aug 19, 17:16
Aus einem ornithologischen Text: "Only recently, the woodcock, once a common bird in Britain…4 Replies